My husband and I have been traveling in Central America where water is scarce and drinking water is even more so. Along the way, I’ve noticed that it has been a lot easier to conserve water in these places than it has been for me ever in the US. Though there are several reasons why, a big one is having a shower with only one knob. So this morning I was pondering how to easily retrofit such a thing for people who are stuck with a cumbersome multi-knob shower system like this when I saw the little valve that was posted on Give A Shit About Nature’s Facebook page. Voila! Problem solved.

Quite frankly I got a little giddy. This is such an easy way to save lots of water — and it’s under $5 to buy and install. The concept is simple. You turn the valve to on, then turn on your shower as you normally do: adjusting the temperature and water pressure until it is just right. Once you’re wet, you just turn off this valve. All of your shower settings stay the same while you lather, then you just turn the valve back on again to rinse. Depending on how your shower works, you may have saved a gallon or two of safe clean drinking water from just running down your drain while you were rubbing soap in your armpits and shampoo in your hair. And to those of you who shave your legs in the shower like I do — wow would this little valve save a lot of water!

Now, I have not used this specific model, as I only just discovered it this morning, so I cannot vouch for its quality. But I love the idea. And frankly, as that Facebook page’s name suggests, I do give a shit about nature and I do give a shit about having safe, clean water to drink (trust me, bad things happen when you don’t!). So I would love to hear feedback from the rest of you who have used one of these valves. Is it awesome? What would you change? What would make it easier to use and what would make it more attractive for people to use so that conserving water becomes convenient?