Follow the Frog? Try Following Your Heart.

green tree frog
frog from the commercial

I equally love and hate this commercial recently aired by the Rainforest Alliance. I love it because it is engaging and entertaining, and I think it captures how a lot of people feel about the growing social and environmental problems in the world. When I...


Laundry Hack: How to Make an Upcycled Clothesline

the finished product - a super light clothesline made out of a plastic shopping bag

So you’ve been traveling, camping, you were caught in the rain, or maybe you’re just committed to handwashing your underpants??… but either way, you need some place to hang these damp duds and flinging them all over the dining room chairs is not an option....


Turning Plastic Bag Waste into Art

Plastic packaging has found a new life as tote bags

In one of the more creative solutions we found for upcycling plastic bags was when we came across an art gallery where the artist makes everything from upcycled materials. For several years now, artist Daphna Jindrich has been tackling the plastic problem. One of the first...